Division of Student Affairs

Diversity Commitment

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to diversity. We promote understanding, appreciation, and respect for diverse people and the value and benefit everyone contributes to the University community.

We strive to attract, sustain, develop, empower and retain a diverse body of students and employees to be distinguished and compassionate community leaders.

How do we define diversity?
Diversity refers to people with different backgrounds, with an emphasis on race, ethnicity, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, ability/disability, socioeconomic class, and national origin.

Why do we value diversity?
Diversity is valued because it generates a multiplicity of ideas and viewpoints, leads to more creative and effective problem solving, and fosters an understanding and acceptance of individuals from a variety of backgrounds.

The Division of Student Affairs has established these goals as part of its commitment to diversity:

  • Provide basic information regarding diversity to all division full-time and student employees. Departments may take different approaches by offering programs, distributing printed materials, or providing education about the values and benefits of diversity.

  • Create opportunities for faculty, staff and students to become active participants and leaders in diversity issues.

  • Promote to our staff, on an ongoing basis, the importance of respecting diversity and increasing our own learning. Employees should understand that we value diversity and why. Diversity education is "my issue" for every employee in the division.

  • Promote practices, policies and visual images in each department that reflect sensitivity to diversity. Provide evidence in our offices that we welcome all people.

  • Conduct all searches, hiring, and employee retention activities in accordance with processes that aggressively strive to meet or exceed the University's affirmative action employment goals as stated in the University's Strategic Plan (Goal 4.1).

  • Aggressively recruit a diverse pool of student employee applicants to achieve a student employment demographic reflective of the student body as a whole.

  • Discuss diversity during annual performance appraisals in order to promote and maintain employee awareness and involvement in the Student Affairs diversity initiatives. Use the following self-appraisal questions: Develop a bias-related incident response team.

    • What kinds of actions have you taken this past year to improve your ability to work effectively with a diverse student, faculty, or staff population? (Examples could include training programs, cultural classes or events, or personal activities.)
    • What are you learning about diversity that you apply to your work?
  • Monitor progress on goals annually by the division's leadership team.

  • Aggressively recruit a qualified diverse pool of applicants through professional networks, one-on-one contacts, targeted job advertising (through consultation with the Office of Compliance and Equity Management) and adequate time allowance.

    • The Division encourages applications from minority persons, women, persons with disabilities, and veterans. The following statement must be placed at the end of the position announcement and display ads - "The University is an equal opportunity employer and educator with a comprehensive plan for affirmative action."

    • Select search committees that include diverse backgrounds and views, providing professional development opportunity for individuals from under-represented groups. Inform search committee chairs of the Student Affairs Diversity Initiative, goals, and guidelines for searches.

    • Report to Department Director and Vice President the strategies implemented in each search process to recruit a diverse pool of applicants.

    • Provide appropriate orientation and mentoring over the course of the first year to new employees to enhance their adjustment, satisfaction, and retention.