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Division of Student Affairs

Students Affairs committee collaborates with student affairs graduate program

Posted on Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Maximizing resources involves more than close attention to financials.   A new Student Affairs Division initiative embodied in The Postsecondary Education Partnership Committee will leverage intellectual resources and professional experiences to elevate the effectiveness of collaboration between Student Affairs and the Postsecondary Education: Student Affairs graduate program. 

Bob Frederick, Director of Career Services, will serve as the committee’s first chairman.  “The committee’s mission is to seek out opportunities to develop and coordinate mutually beneficial programs, activities and co-curricular experiences that enrich both units.   The committee members are excited about the potential impact on graduate students’ experiences at UNI and the role this initiative will have in effectively recruiting top students to the Postsecondary Education: Student Affairs graduate program,” Frederick said.  “A noteworthy additional benefit includes our interaction with graduate students who can bring new knowledge, skills and abilities to offices and projects within the Student Affairs Division.”

The collaboration began when Dr. Terry Hogan, Vice President for Student Affairs, invited Dr. Michael Waggoner, professor and program chair of the Postsecondary Education: Student Affairs graduate program, to discuss the potential for mutual support. That lead to the formation of a committee appointed by Dr. Hogan: Bob Frederick, Lyn Redington, Department of Residence, Lisa Kratz, Maucker Union; Melissa Payne, Vice President’s office; Tim Bakula, Financial Aid; Sarah Goblirsch, Career Services; Jenny Connolly, Admissions; Jennifer Suchan, Registrar; and Mark Rowe, Wellness and Recreation Services.

“Making Student Affairs professional development programs accessible to PSE graduate students is an excellent example of leveraging resources for mutual benefit with little or no financial impact,” Frederick said.  “Additional early ideas include mentoring relationships for Student Affairs staff/graduate students, targeted May term sessions, organizing a preview day for potential candidates of the graduate program and creating new graduate student assistantships that are permanent,” Frederick said.

“This is a very purposeful step toward organizing Student Affairs opportunities to benefit the division and enhance the graduate experience of our future peers in Student Affairs careers,” he said.

Contact Bob Frederick: or 319 273-6857