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Division of Student Affairs

UNI Admissions hosts talented middle school students in Educational Talent Search

Posted on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Seventh and eighth grade students who participated in 2010 Educational Talent Search are returning to school with the advantage of insight into opportunities in their future.  University of Northern Iowa Vice President and Provost office and the U.S. Department of Education funded the four-week summer school program which included instruction in reading, writing, math and computer technology at UNI’s Center for Urban Education in Waterloo, plus hands-on workshops at UNI and visits with admissions and financial aid representatives.

Hands on experiences at UNI included a marketing session with UNI professor Steve Corbin.  Students participated in a blind taste test of colas, an experience that demonstrates how corporations collect information about customer preference and use that information to sell products.

They also went back stage at Strayer Wood Theater to see the technical systems that support UNI stage productions in that venue.

UNI Admissions hosted the campus visits.