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Division of Student Affairs

Students can boost financial savvy at seminars sponsored by Office of Student Financial Aid

Posted on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

UNI Office of Student Financial Aid has created an ambitious schedule for the seminar “Live Like a Student.”  Helping students make responsible decisions regarding money is at the center of six 50-minute sessions that will focus on elevating awareness of spending patterns, budgeting and using loans and credit responsibly.  Seminars are offered throughout the semester at a variety of times to allow students to easily fit the seminar into their schedules.  There is no cost to student participants.

Three $500 scholarships will be awarded to Fall semester participants. Students can learn more about the program or register for the seminar by visiting

Tim Bakula, Associate Director/Customer Service and Outreach, Office of Student Financial Aid, coordinates the new seminar series.  “We talk to UNI students about money management as part of financial aid award counseling,” Bakula said.  “There was evidence of a need for a curriculum to address the unique challenges students have to balance the cost of attending college, their available resources and their lifestyle expectations.”   Organizers hope that students who complete the series of instructional sessions will act on what they have learned and avoid the discouraging consequences of poor credit and excessive debt after graduation.