Division of Student Affairs

Campus Ministries

The Dean of Students at the University of Northern Iowa serves as a liaison to the Campus Ministries Association.

The Campus Ministries Association at the University of Northern Iowa is an organization representing various faith traditions, which retain individual identity and teachings. The Campus Ministries Association seeks to share resources of faith, hope and love to all who belong to the university community and beyond. The association also seeks to share resources for professional development and growth of its members.

The members of the UNI Campus Ministries Association are committed to fostering the spiritual needs of the students, faculty and staff at the University of Northern Iowa. We are people of faith committed to working together to foster the integration of the intellectual and spiritual dimensions of life.

Code of Ethics
We respect the dignity and integrity of students on campus. When relating to students we will be sensitive to whether or not the students gives us permission to enter their lives. We will also be sensitive to their religious history as well as any current campus ministry involvement. We will affirm their right to make choices. When advertising in our personal contact, we will always identify the religious, denominational or ecumenical sponsorship and purpose of our program.

We respect the dignity and integrity of other campus ministers. We understand out to be primarily a professional rather than a theological commitment to one another. We will maintain an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual concern as well as addressing issues as they arise. We will encourage cooperation among our students attempting to create a unified spirit of campus ministry and fellowship.

We respect the programs and policies of the University of Northern Iowa. We will honor the administrative policies on all levels. We see ourselves as cooperative members of the university community and a collective resource. While we are supportive of the university, if an occasion does arise where we take exception to policy, we will exercise our freedom to disagree in a dignified manner. Our sincere effort will be to seek a peaceful and equitable solution.

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College Hill Lutheran
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
First Presbyterian Church
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Wesley Foundation

For more information, contact the Wesley Foundation at 266-4071.