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Division of Student Affairs

How will I gain other experience outside of my assistantship?

Posted on Monday, February 7th, 2011


Practica and internships allow you to see what a Student Affairs professional does first hand. Six credit hours (300 work hours total) of practica are required for graduation from the program. Practica are required, non-paid experiences, and are credit/no credit. Internships are not required, but maybe taken as electives.


You will do two separate 150 hour practica (10 hrs/week for 15 weeks). They are graded and some may be paid. You can complete practica and internships at various colleges in the area including UNI, Wartburg, Hawkeye Community College, Coe, and others. Out of state and international options are also available (see your advisor for more information). Please see the Resources section of the PSE:SA website for practica and internship information.