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Division of Student Affairs

Expanding and promoting choices for sustainability

Posted on Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Sustainable choices for the UNI community were discussed at the Campus Conversation on Sustainability, April 14.

Student Affairs staff members joined students, faculty and others to brainstorm opportunities to reduce consumption of resources, minimize waste  and accommodate recycling. These action items were among the top priorities for the subgroup working with the topic Sustainability: Student Life:

  • Make accountability for campus sustainability a campus-wide obligation: prioritize, measure and monitor.

  • Introduce students to sustainable practices expectations at orientation and during welcome week.

  • Have a campus-wide sustainability event for students early fall semester and follow-up with a campus-wide conversation about sustainable practices early in the spring semester.

  • Discourage driving cars to campus: use car pooling, enhance bike/pedestrian paths, access public transportation.

  • Reduce food waste.

  • Initiate a campus-wide recycling program.

UNI Creating A Responsible Environment, known as UNI C.A.R.E., has a web site with more information about the April 14 event, along with other current info on sustainability issues: