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Division of Student Affairs

Oversight of SDS shifted to Dean of Students

Posted on Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Effective immediately, Student Disabilities Services will report to the Office of the Dean of Students.  Ashley Brickley will continue to coordinate the office, and Joseph Bishop, Disability Specialist and Karen Phillips, Secretary III, will continue in their roles.  The unit will continue to be housed adjacent to Counseling Services on the second floor of the Student Health Clinic.  Brickley will report to Jon Buse, and Phillips and Bishop will report to Brickley. 

Terry Hogan, Vice President of Student Affairs, said in response to this change, "As the demands have grown significantly both for counseling services and student disabilities services, I believe this revised structure will provide the best possible support to our students.  I appreciate the guidance and support provided by Dave Towle and the entire staff of the Counseling Center to SDS over the past number of years.  Due in large part to their nurturing, SDS is ready to begin the next chapter in its evolution as a unit and its delivery of state-of-the-art services to students."