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Division of Student Affairs

A strategic planning process update from Vice President Hogan

Posted on Friday, February 18th, 2011

Department directors from the Student Affairs division met at a planning retreat in early January to decide how to approach the development of the divisional strategic plan.  President Allen has called for all University divisions to develop plans that align with the recently-approved University strategic plan.  The group agreed to consider the needs of students and the University community, our previously-developed key performance indicators, existing department strategic plans and then write a plan that is clear, concise, measurable, meaningful, and challenges us to improve.

Two additional directors’ meetings focused our priorities.  We concluded that our plan would detail strategic priorities for the next five years.  A critical distinction that was agreed to is that the plan will not describe every important thing we do, but will identify only those areas that involve significant change to current practice.

After some further discussion, I appointed a writing team that is now working to develop a first draft of our strategic priorities. The writing team members are Michael Blackwell, Carol Petersen, Lisa Kratz, Kathy Green, Carol Geiger and Jon Buse.  A first review of the draft will occur at the spring semester P&S Staff Meeting on Tuesday, March 22, 2011.  Following that review, a second draft will be written and all staff in the division will be invited to review it and provide feedback.  President Allen has asked that we complete our plan by the end of April, and we will meet this deadline.Thanks for all you do to help students succeed!

Terry Hogan
Vice President for Student Affairs