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Division of Student Affairs

Request for input on divisional strategic plan from Vice President Hogan

Posted on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Dear colleagues,


In January, our division leadership team began to develop our plan. Following a retreat, I appointed a writing team that took ideas from the retreat and began to shape them into a set of strategic priorities.  The writing team is Kathy Green, Lisa Kratz, Carol Petersen, Michael Blackwell, Jon Buse, Carol Geiger and me. 


A draft summary of these priorities is now available for all members of the division's staff to read. After reading, I welcome your comments -- thoughts, ideas, recommendations, criticisms, etc.

You can read the plan here.


There are three ways you can offer comments:


1.  Go to and post your comment online.  You can also read any comments that others have posted.  You can choose to sign your name or post anonymously.  You can comment in response to other comments, or simply express your own idea.


2.  Contact any of the members of the writing team and share with them your comment.


3.  Send your comment via email directly to me.


Your input is important to this process.  I hope you'll take time to read the draft and offer your views through any of the means available.  Our next draft will be shared with other leaders on campus, and we will finish our plan by April 20.


Thanks for your continued commitment to helping students succeed.




Terry Hogan

Vice President