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Division of Student Affairs

Initial indications on Map-Works are positive

Posted on Thursday, April 14th, 2011

An initial review of MAP-Works® success from the MAP-Works® committee has indicated gains in retention rates. The committee reports that retention rates of freshman who completed the fall survey at a higher rate than freshman who chose not to complete the survey. 85.6% of students took the MAP-Works® fall transition survey.We are poised for another successful semester with another 75.2% completing the spring transition survey.

More importantly, students who participated in MAP-Works® were retained at a significantly higher rate than their predecessors from the past five years.

MAP-Works® color coded indicators. The MAP-Works® color-coded indicators provided an accurate gauge in predicting students into the spring semester. Green student were retained at a higher rate than yellow or red students, while also holding a higher GPA than those groups.


MAP-Works® is designed to assist colleges and universities with their student retention efforts. It allows us to inquire about student satisfaction and other issues affecting new student transition and success at UNI throughout the academic year through a series of surveys and other academic measures. Upon completion of these surveys, the system assigns students a risk indicator based on their responses to the survey and several other student characteristics. 

To see full report summary and graph, click here.