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Division of Student Affairs

Prevent domestic, relationship and dating violence

Posted on Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Students Against a Violent Environment (SAVE) hosted a proclamation event October 27, at Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center.

  President Ben Allen and Student Body President Adam Haselhuhn participated by signing a proclamation observing the importance of addressing domestic/relationship/dating violence in our community.  This event also included the Silent Witness display, readings and a vigil. 

As part of the observance of domestic/relationship violence awareness month, SAVE volunteers also raised money for Seeds of Hope and hosted a self-defense seminar on the UNI campus, according to Mark Rowe, Substance Abuse and Violence Intervention Services Coordinator in University Health Services.

You can view the full text of the proclamation below the pictures.


University of Northern Iowa

WHEREAS, violence of all natures, including domestic and relationship violence, affects every person in our University community as a victim/survivor, or as a family member, significant other, neighbor or coworker of a victim/survivor; and

WHEREAS, the University of Northern Iowa recognizes the importance of the designation of time devoted to increasing the University communities awareness of domestic and relationship violence; and

WHEREAS, many citizens of the university community and Blackhawk County are working to provide quality services and assistance to domestic and relationship violence survivors; and volunteers help staff 24-hour hot lines, respond to emergency calls and offer support, comfort and advocacy during medical exams and criminal justice proceedings (or other services); and

WHEREAS, Violence Intervention Services and Seeds of Hope staff and several student organizations promote domestic and relationship violence prevention and education on campus, and throughout the surrounding communities; and

WHEREAS, Violence Intervention Services and Seeds of  Hope, other professionals and supporters such as student organizations have joined together to support each other in their work and to provide the University of Northern Iowa Community and the greater Cedar Valley with sources of information on domestic and relationship violence; and

WHEREAS, it is vitally important that continued educational efforts to provide information about prevention and services for survivors of domestic and relationship violence be supported and enhanced; and

WHEREAS, it is critical to intensify public awareness of domestic and relationship violence, to educate people about the need for citizen involvement in efforts to reduce domestic and relationship violence, to increase support for agencies providing domestic and relationship violence services and to increase awareness of the healing power of creative expression; and

WHEREAS, Violence Intervention Services, Seeds of Hope, and student organizations engaged in this effort request public support and assistance as they continue to strive for a society where all women, men and children can live in peace, free from violence and exploitation;

NOW, THEREFORE, We, the Northern Iowa Student Government and President of the University of Northern Iowa, during this, Domestic and Relationship Violence Awareness Month, do hereby proclaim the ongoing importance of addressing domestic and relationship violence in our community.   

At University of Northern Iowa we commend this observance to all citizens in the community.