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Division of Student Affairs

Student Affairs Strategic Plan approved

Posted on Monday, June 13th, 2011

Following an intense four-month process, the Student Affairs Strategic Plan for 2011-2015 has been approved by President Ben Allen.


The planning process began in January when the division leadership team began to design the process.  Following a retreat, Terry Hogan, Vice President for Student Affairs, appointed a writing team that took ideas from the retreat and began to shape them into a set of strategic priorities.  The planning process also considered the needs of students and the University community, the Division’s previously-developed key performance indicators, and existing department strategic plans.  


The writing team members were Kathy Green, University Health Services; Lisa Kratz, Maucker Union; Carol Petersen, Department of Residence; Michael Blackwell, Center for Multicultural Education; Jon Buse, Dean of Students; Carol Geiger, Students Affairs,  and Dr. Hogan.  


A draft of the plan was available to all members of the Student Affairs Division for comment.  Feedback and additional ideas were collected at meetings, via e-mail and online.  In addition, student leaders, Cabinet members, and deans of the colleges were invited to provide reactions and suggestions for change.  The writing team considered all of the responses provided and made a significant number of changes to the draft of the plan.  The final result is a set of ten strategic priorities that will guide Student Affairs work through 2015.


“The plan does not describe every important thing we do, but focuses on areas where we need to improve something we’re doing or begin to tackle something we’ve not yet tackled,” said Vice President Terry Hogan.  “Input from various stakeholders improved the plan and confirmed that we have broad support for Student Affairs work that contributes to student success.” 


To view the final draft of the Student Affairs Strategic Plan, click here.