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Division of Student Affairs

New task force to lead efforts in professional development planning for staff

Posted on Monday, July 18th, 2011

The Professional Development Task Force has been created to lead the initial efforts to act on the strategic plan goal of professional development in Strategic Priority 8.

The Task Force will assess needs of staff relative to professional development, research best practices and cost effectiveness in providing professional development to staff in student affairs, research opportunities offered by NASPA and ISPA and recommend activities that should be offered or supported.

The Task Force’s report will be completed by January 27, 2012.The following staff members have been appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs are Jennifer Bell, Office of Student Financial Aid; Carol Fletcher, DOR/Dining; Jennifer Suchan, Office of the Registrar; Tim Klatt, Wellness/Rec Services; Cyrus Nichols, Office of Admissions; Tabatha Cruz, Center for Multicultural Education; Pam Creger, Maucker Union; Matt Nuese, Office of Career Services; Denise Parks, Office of Student Financial Aid. Deb McConahie, DOR/Reslife, will serve as chair.