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Division of Student Affairs

UNI employees honored at 2012 Student Affairs luncheon

Posted on Friday, January 6th, 2012

2012 Sue Follon Exemplary Service Award winners

From left, Marilyn Even, Shelly Grant, Tim Bakula and Denise Parks, who earned the 2012 Sue Follon Exemplary Service Awards are congratulated by Dr. Terry Hogan, right.

Sue Follon Exemplary Service Awards were presented to four Student Affairs employees at the Student Affairs Division annual luncheon January 5. The award recipients are nominated by their peers and exemplify high ideals for job performance and service to students. Each has had a positive influence on co-workers and elevated the reputation of their work group, their department and the Student Affairs Division. The award is named for Dr. Sue Follon. She served as Vice President for Educational and Student Services at the University of Northern Iowa from 1985 until her death from lung cancer on November 4, 1998. Dr. Follon’s leadership style was built on helping others develop their own gifts. The 2012 award winners are: Tim Bakula, Associate Director of Financial Aid; Denise Parks, Clerk III in Financial Aid; Shelly Grant, Department of Residence Piazza Food Service Supervisor; and Marilyn Even, Department of Residence custodian in Campbell Hall.

2012 Helping Students Succeed award

A new award to acknowledge key partners in other divisions, who contribute to the success of students through their collaboration with Student Affairs, was presented at the annual luncheon. The inaugural year recipients of the Helping Students Succeed Commendation are Annette Lynch, Professor, School of Applied Human Science; and Dave Zarifis, Director, Public Safety. Fifty-one employees were acknowledged for milestones in their years of service to UNI.