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Division of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Disability Services reaches out to build awareness

Posted on Friday, March 23rd, 2012

The Office of Student Disability Services is continuously working on outreach and awareness to reach students, staff and faculty in an effort to support the UNI Diversity Mission to create and maintain an inclusive educational environment.


Members of student organizations were recently invited to attend a workshop to increase awareness about disability on campus and to discuss and provide recommendations for accessibility for all UNI Student Organization sponsored events. Topics included the goal and mission of the Office of Student Disability Services, universal design and planning, and how to create a welcoming environment for those with disabilities. Amy Dillard, Program Associate for Disability Services, said about the workshop, “Attendance was not as high as I would have liked, however, those that did come seemed appreciative of the information provided and made connections with one another for further collaboration among their different student organizations.”


If student organization members were not able to attend the workshop, they can request a copy of the presentation by e-mailing Amy at the address listed below. However, if student organizations are interested in further information and discussion, SDS is now offering to attend regular student organization meetings to provide a short information session to all members. If you are interested in a staff member attending a meeting, email the name of your student organization and regular meeting dates and times to


Ashley Brickley, SDS coordinator, is also working to increase awareness among faculty and staff. Some offices have already met with SDS, including the Office of the Registrar and Wellness and Recreational Services.  If you are interested, Ashley can meet with your department or office to discuss how accommodations are determined, what your role in providing accommodations are in class or at events, or how your department or office can be more inclusive. If you would like SDS to present at your next department meeting, please call 319-273-2677 or e-mail Ashley at