Division of Student Affairs


Posted on Monday, September 19th, 2016

#throwlightUNI is a campaign to create a virtual wall of encouraging and inspiring actions by taking pictures or telling stories using the hashtag. These photos and stories whould be about actions done by others for you or those you witness between others to increase the visibility of all the positive, connection-building occurrences happening on campus. Need ideas? Check out the "Lighter Bowls" set up in the library, WRC, by the CME and in both dining halls. Follow us @throwlightUNI on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. If you would like to 1) sponsor a random act of kindness or 2) have an event that you think falls under the hashtag and want us to help you promote it, please contact potteeaa@uni.edu or cme@uni.edu. We would love to have your ideas, participation, and support.