Division of Student Affairs

Student Affairs staff honored with Sue Follon Exemplary Service Award

Posted on Saturday, May 16th, 2020

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to recognizing exemplary performance among staff by awarding the Sue Follon Exemplary Service Award.  This prestigious award commemorates the former division vice president who served the university from 1985-1998 and modeled the values upon which this award is based.  It honors individuals who are committed to quality and excellence and whose efforts and achievements are worthy of emulation as staff work to help students succeed.

 This year’s recipient was announced at the staff recognition breakfast on March 12.  The individual honored was Steffoni Schmidt, Associate Director of Student Life, in Student Life and Event Services.  She is dedicated to helping individual students, groups of students, the department and the university succeed.  Steffoni is a visionary with a task-oriented focus.  She has a strong commitment to establishing a solid foundation for service programs such as Volunteer Tuesdays, Make A Difference Day service project and the MLK Day of Service program. 

 Congratulations, Steffoni, for making a positive difference in the lives of students!

Steffoni receiving award from Paula