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Division of Student Affairs

Sue Follon Exemplary Service Nomination Form

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to recognizing exemplary performance among P&S and Merit staff. Nominations are now being accepted for the annual Sue Follon Exemplary Service Award. In its twenty-third year, this award commemorates the former division vice president who served the university from 1985-1998.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines exemplary as “serving as a pattern” and “deserving imitation because of excellence.” The Sue Follon Exemplary Service Award recognizes individuals who are committed to quality and excellence and whose efforts and achievements are worthy of emulation as staff work to carry out the mission of Student Affairs.

“We help students succeed” is the mission of Student Affairs. Many employees have a direct impact on student success while others make contributions in an indirect manner. All positions are important in carrying out the division’s mission. The following criteria will serve as a guide in selecting individuals for this award.

  • Committed to students and the mission of Student Affairs
  • Exceeds expectations
  • Has made continued and sustained contributions to students and/or staff
  • Exhibits a positive influence in the workplace
  • Demonstrates excellence in the performance of responsibilities

Please complete the nomination form for individuals working in Student Affairs who are worthy of this prestigious award. A minimum of five years of consecutive service at UNI must be met to be considered. An individual may receive the award only once. Past recipients who are currently employed in the division include:

  Tim Bakula Shelly Grant Lyn Redington
  Deb Bartels Louie Hartman Mark Rowe-Barth
  Linda Chapin Cathy Humke David Schmid
  Pam Creger Roxanne Klepper April Schmiesing
  Diane Damon Rosie Lang Darla Smith
  Chris Denison Nancy Lindgard Andrea Stallman
  Ruther Dixon Jo Loonan Joan Thompson
  Marilyn Even Cheri McDivitt Rita Truex
  Carol Fletcher Jaye Miller Libby Vanderwall
  Bruce Forystek Cathy Moore Diane Wallace
  Jim Geary Joyce Morrow Mike Weiglein
  Carol Geiger Linda Olson Jean Wiesley
  Tracey Godon Denise Parks Juanita Wright
  Mary Goodman Shelley Pruess Carolyn Young

The selection committee is not eligible for consideration. Those individuals are Michael Blackwell, Bob Frederick, Carol Geiger, Glenn Gray, Kathy Green, Terry Hogan, Christie Kangas, Lisa Kratz, Joyce Morrow, Phil Patton and Leslie Williams.

The division has a celebratory tradition of expressing appreciation to Student Affairs staff for their service and accomplishments at an annual luncheon. The next luncheon is scheduled for January 9, 2014. Recipients of the Sue Follon Exemplary Service Award will be announced and recognized at this luncheon.

To nominate a deserving individual, click here to download and complete the nomination form.  Return the completed nomination form by November 25, 2013 to: Carol Geiger, 118 Gilchrist Hall, 0010 or Call 273-2331 if you have any questions.