Division of Student Affairs

Partners for Student Success Award

Posted on Saturday, May 16th, 2020

Student Affairs recently recognized staff outside the division for their collaboration and partnership with Student Affairs to help students succeed.  Recipients of the Partners for Student Success Award were announced at the division’s staff recognition breakfast on March 12.  Those honored in 2020 are Fabio Fontana Department Head & Professor, Kinesiology; Oksana Grybovyek-Hafermann Department Head & Associate Professor, Health, Recreation & Community Services; Wilfred (Mickye) Johnson Director, Classic Upward Bound; and Kristin Peiffer Assistant Director, Scholars

Student Affairs staff honored with Sue Follon Exemplary Service Award

Posted on Saturday, May 16th, 2020

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to recognizing exemplary performance among staff by awarding the Sue Follon Exemplary Service Award.  This prestigious award commemorates the former division vice president who served the university from 1985-1998 and modeled the values upon which this award is based.  It honors individuals who are committed to quality and excellence and whose efforts and achievements are worthy of emulation as staff work to help students succeed.

Parent & Family Philosophy

The Division of Student Affairs acknowledges the role and importance of parents and families in the success of our students. We are committed to recognizing and responding to the concerns and suggestions of parents or guardians by:

  • sharing student information with parents and families to the extent permitted by UNI policy, Federal, and State law,
  • communicating opportunities about student learning, student development, university processes and resources, and,
  • listening and hearing various perspectives from parents and support networks.
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